How to Shoot Anything (with an Air Cannon)

Air Cannons are alot of fun.
And you can shoot pretty much anything you like with compressed air.
I guess my favorite is a wrapped projectile.
This is something that opens up as it reaches your target. The effect is one of shock and total surprise to the people watching.
I discovered this one when shooting rolls of toilet paper across a park and one opened late. Their were people watching and they were in the line of fire (paper). The roll went alot further than the rest and then unraveled 10 feet from them.
They jumped back and yelled in surprise.
So I tried loosely wrapping a bundle of streamers for a timed release. Not bad, but I wanted more range.
This time I used a tennis ball in the center of the streamers… SUCCESS!  It looked like a  meteor coming apart as the ball descended, (and my Border Collie, Luke was happy too).

I would like to hear your comments or stories of strange items you have shot or shot at with your air cannon.
Please write back. I look forward to hearing from you.


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